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Master Planning: Hydraulic Modeling Provides Power to Plan More Accurate Future

Jan 23, 2013

Featured in WaterWorld, November, 2013 – Vol. 29, Issue 11
By Eric Schulze

Hydraulic modeling is essential for master planning and designing infrastructure improvements that will satisfy current and projected water system needs. Energy and continuity equations may be easily solved when dealing with only a few pipes, but calculating the friction losses, flows and pressures that occur within a complex system’s network of pipes requires a more robust solution. Today, this solution is the hydraulic model.

Significant advances in dynamic, hydraulic modeling methods are now providing engineers with the platform to produce meaningful performance data. This data is used to accurately predict future decisions affecting complex water systems and create effective master plans for system expansion, maintenance and repair. The hydraulic model is the key tool for planning, budgeting, constructing, and evaluating water distribution systems and upgrades using advanced simulations and data sources. Read More