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SWE Central Texas office welcomes newest intern Powell Hinson

Jul 06, 2017

Currently, a Junior at The University of Colorado at Boulder, Powell is majoring in Environmental Engineering.

Some of his favorite classes include sustainable practices for engineers, and fluid mechanics, which he mentions is a fun way to learn about the physical properties of water, an area he is highly interested in. It was no surprise that Powell would come intern with us, since he was a familiar face in our office, having been awarded the Southwest Engineers Scholarship in the Summer of 2015.

Since then, Powell has been completing major coursework and recently finished work on a research proposal on hazardous waste clean-up at his University. While it is common knowledge that careers in engineering are challenging because they require a lot of studying and putting in the time, Powell is certainly on the right path and will be graduating in May of 2019.

As a born and raised Austinite now a student in northern Colorado, the number one thing Powell misses about Texas beside his family and friends is Tex-Mex food, more specifically queso. He does love Colorado for its mountains, thin crisp air, and the mere fact of living in such a different environment, but of course there is no place like home.

In his free time Powell enjoys the sports of golf and basketball. He is a longtime fan of some of the Celtic greats, like Kevin Garnett and Larry Bird. Powell is also known to always have a good-looking pair of socks on and isn't shy about letting his personality come through even if it’s a dinosaur pattern peeking out from his ankles.

Thinking about the future, Powell hopes to begin working at a firm, and like a true millennial eventually, would like to become his own boss. From childhood dreams of a becoming an NFL quarterback to reaching the halfway mark of his professional degree, he has since grown into a young man full of poise, optimism and ambition. Powell is a great asset to the SWE team and we welcome him in learning and working hard with us this Summer.

Define Success: is being successful making a lot of money? Or is it helping people and doing cool things?

"I would say it is helping people, doing cool things and enjoying what you do. That for sure is being successful.”

Powell Hinson