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Successful Water Systems

Mar 26, 2018

Southwest Engineers has been proudly working with County Line Special Utility District (CLSUD) for almost forty years.

At first the Uhland and Niederwald area had little to no ground water, which meant there were no wells available to residents. After the mid-50's drought it became clear that it was necessary to seek water from other sources.

In 1965 a water supply corporation was funded by the Farmers Home Administration along with the addition of a four-inch water line constructed from Kyle (FM 150 E. and Hwy 21) to a 50,000 gallon water tower near east Uhland.

SWE founder Clarence Littlefield had already been the practicing engineer for CLSUD working to bring water to the rural area at his previous firm. It wasn't until 1981 when Daniel Heiderman became the manager that the two began working together.

The CLSUD team as described by Daniel "are good people," who he has always felt privileged to work with. One of the best things about his job has been "seeing the community grow and how the water system has perpetuated that." Daniel has been happily managing CLSUD for 37 years now and credits SWE for helping the organization onto the right track.

Over the years SWE has been involved in over 50 different engineering projects for CLSUD including elevated and ground storage tanks, water lines and booster pump stations, wastewater studies, project funding and more.

Thanks to the teamwork of operators, efficiency of board members and leadership of Daniel Heideman, CLSUD has been successful in achieving growth for the area. Ongoing improvement plans have all maintained the water system flowing and continue to include SWE engineering expertise.

Today we look forward to continued development for CLSUD as we remain true to supporting healthy infastructure in Texas.

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